Student Program Requirements and Policies

AMEI Code of Conduct and Program Policies

As a part of our program, you are a representative of your university, the American Middle East Institute, International House Cairo ILI, and the United States while you are in Egypt. You must abide by the laws of the U.S. and Egypt while you are in the program, the rules of AMEI, and the points listed below. You will conduct yourself professionally and to a high standard, both in the classroom and in public. Failure to follow these rules and guidelines, or any laws, may result in immediate dismissal from the program

  • No recreational drug or excessive alcohol use; no smoking during group activities.
  • Students must adhere to a conservative dress code while in public. For women: full-length skirt or loose shirt over pants. For men: pants and long/short sleeved shirt. Comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended.
  • Students will treat their peers, instructors, and staff with respect, and will not verbally insult anyone.
  • Students will respect ILI property, including their living space, and will not intentionally damage or destroy property in any way.
  • Students will obey AMEI and ILI staff and instructors.
  • No traveling on separate excursions from the group or outside of the country.
  • Participants agree to have their likeness used in promotional material, the AMEI website, and on social media accounts.


  • Enrolled in a degree seeking program (undergraduate or graduate level) in Spring 2019 or a recent graduate from a US-accredited university or college.
  • Passport that is valid until at least 6 months after the end date of the program.


  • Application
  • Resume
  • Letter of Motivation
  • A Letter of Recommendation from a Professor
  • ISIC Card
  • Signed Health and Liability Clearance Forms (sent after acceptance)